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HW Tinkers: Projects!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and REPAIR.

The library is giving people the opportunity to showcase things they’ve remade, repurposed, refashioned, repaired, rebuilt, etc. both by submitting pictures to our website or by bringing things in for display (when feasible). From motors to furniture, clothing to clocks, we want to see it all!

Responses are provided in the order that we received them. Scroll down to see the most recent responses, and click on each image to enlarge it. The most recent responses also appear on the Tinkers: A Community Read main page and stay there until we receive more.

Email your response today!


Jan's elegant refurbished bench"I had a bench with totally rotted wood, yet the metal parts were fine. Using left-over pretreated oak flooring my brother and I were able to repair the seat. Of course, there was not quite enough to complete the back. After rummaging around in the barn, we found similar wood that would work. A coat of finish pulled it all together and the bench now sits complete on the front porch in Vermont. It’s a great place to sit and watch the fireflies at night or the butterflies during the day."
~ Jan Dempsey, Library Director

Nancy's rose trellis cucumber plant support
Nancy Day had run out of supports for her cucumber plants, but she came up with an ingenious solution: put a rose Nancy's rose trellis cucumber plant support from another angletrellis to the task!

"This is the rose trellis I recycled (on its side) into a support for the cucumbers in my vegetable garden. So far it is working, with help from a few stakes."
~ Nancy Day, Head of Technical Services

Richard's predator baffle, a cylindrical device that discourages animals from climbing poles
Predator baffles protect the inhabitants of your birdhouse from pole-climbing critters like snakes and squirrels. You can buy one of these for about $40.00 or you can make one as one Veasey Park volunteer did out of a left-over piece of PVC Pipe.  This birdhouse is in Veasey Park in Groveland, MA. 
~ Veasey Park Volunteer

Eddie's charcoal barbecue: half an oil drum mounted on struts Another Veasey Park volunteer made this charcoal barbecue out of an oil drum.   He thinks he will cut the sides down to make it a bit more shallow so the food is closer to the coals.  But, it worked great for a big cookout in July at Veasey Park in Groveland, MA.
~ Veasey Park Volunteer

Sarah's shoe with luggage tag in place of shoelace"What happens when you repurpose a shoelace? You need a new shoelace, that's what. I was at a bus terminal and needed string pronto, but that left the problem of how my shoe was going to stay on. In a move of sheer genius, I grabbed a free luggage tag and threaded it through the top eyelets. The result was a shoe that stayed on my foot, no problem, through the intensive hours of travel that followed. Plus it was very comfy. Brilliant."
~ Sarah Lauderdale, Head of Reference

Sarah's shoe with luggage tag in place of shoelace
"The brief history: constructed in 1965 to fix an Allis Chalmers bulldozer, to fit the hex nut on the sprocket, and was also used to take apart the final drive. These are Wrench 3 and 4. Why 3 and 4?  Because wrenches 1 and 2 failed and the ‘dozer still needed repair. The plate the wrenches were made from was salvaged material from a WWII submarine dismantled in Newburyport in 1959-60. One was chromed due to whim."
~ Related by Rebecca S. Read the full tale of
Wrench 3 & 4: A Study In Determination!

Send us your contribution!
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together with a few words about what it entails,
for posting to our Library web site!

Works in progress are acceptable.

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Special Projects >> Tinkers: A Community Read

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