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HW Tinkers: Books!

In conjunction with our HW Tinkers theme, here are some books in the general vein of:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and REPAIR.

Repairing and
Upgrading Your PC

Thompson, Robert
004.16 THO
  "Working on a PC is surprisingly easy--
provided one has knowledge of what all
the PC components are, how they fit to-
gether compatibly, the use of trouble-
shooting and analytical software, and
basic maintenance ... This text provides
that knowledge with straightforward
language and copious photographic
illustrations. The authors, who have also
penned a similar text on building PCs
from scratch, present the information in
a relatively intuitive way, first covering
basics and system maintenance and
then moving on to discussion of each
type of component and its installation.
Specific product recommendations are
not provided, but the authors maintain a
free and frequently updated website
offering such recommendations."
The Dangerous Book
for Boys

Iggulden, Conn
069.53 WIL
  "The bestselling book for every boy from
eight to eighty, covering essential boyhood
skills such as building tree houses, learning
how to fish, finding true north, and even
answering the age old question of what the
big deal with girls is ... This book recaptures
Sunday afternoons, stimulates curiosity, and
makes for great father-son activities. The
brothers Conn and Hal have put together a
wonderful collection of all things that make
being young or young at heart fun-building
go-carts and electromagnets, identifying
insects and spiders, and flying the world's
best paper airplanes. The completely revised
American Edition includes... "
  "From armored tanks and gliders to "plastic
glass" and drawing machines, this interactive
book explores the incredible mind of
Leonardo da Vinci through hands-on building
projects and activities. Most of Leonardo's
inventions were never made in his lifetime
and remained sketches in his famous
notebooks; kids examine some of these
original sketches and learn about the
models he made of his inventions. From
there they delve into detailed step-by-step
instructions, diagrams, and templates for
each project, which are interspersed with
historical facts, biographical anecdotes, and
trivia. Most of the building can be done
using simple household supplies:
construction paper, tape, markers, glue,
cardboard tubes, aluminum foil, and
cardboard boxes. Background about the
Renaissance as a period of remarkable
achievement in art and science appears
throughout the book."
  "Thomas's useful guide ... covers simple
maintenance and servicing techniques for
more than 60 brands of video cassette
recorders (VCRs). Step-by-step
instructions are given for diagnosing
problems, cleaning, and making simple
mechanical repairs which comprise some
70 percent of VCR failures. Drawings of
VCR mechanisms and parts accompany
the unambiguous text, making it easy for
anyone familiar with basic tools to
accomplish the procedures necessary to
keep a VCR working smoothly. Appendixes
list parts numbers and sources. The
instructions on removing a stuck cassette
without damaging anything could be worth
the price of the book in itself!"
Repairing Your
Outdoor Power
Webster, Jay
621.434 WEBSTER
  "Explains how outdoor power equipment
works, how to perform preventative
maintenance, and how to repair equip-
ment when it breaks, including lawn
mowers, chain saws, string trimmers,
tillers, edgers, and snow throwers. The
illustrated manual features 27 black and
white photo sequences of common
service techniques."
How to Sharpen

Geary, Don
621.9 GEA
  "Surveys the different types of
sharpening equipment and describes
techniques for sharpening knives, saws,
lawn mowers, scissors, hedge clippers,
and other tools."
  "Readers will learn how to keep a diverse
assortment of power equipment running
virtually forever with minimum expense
and expertise. Covers one-cylinder four-
stroke engines, two-cycle engines and
non-engine parts of outdoor power
machines and electric power tools.
Features helpful apparatus such as
troubleshooting charts and a rating
system to indicate the difficulty level of
each procedure. Extensively illustrated."
Richard's Bicycle
Repair Manual

Ballantine, Richard
  "This follow-up to the authors' beautiful
Richards' Ultimate Bicycle Book ... has the
same visual impact. Not for those with no
familiarity with bicycles or tools, it can be
used to great advantage as a quick
reference by those with some prior
knowledge. Repairs are divided into
chapters covering brakes, wheels and
tires, transmissions, bearings, and
routine maintenance chores. The
explanations for mechanical processes
are excellent, with many sections
employing photographs or illustrations to
detail the repair steps."
  "This comprehensive, smartly written
guide urges women to take a proactive
approach to maintaining your car rather
than the typical reactive approach. Know-
ing that some readers won't be willing or
able to tinker around under the hood, the
authors include both do-it-yourself and do-
it-for-me solutions. Beginning with the
basics (how to read the car manual, how
to open the hood) and explaining every
system of the car with clear illustrations
and understandable, if unavoidably dry,
text, the book excels at breaking down
common repairs and basic maintenance,
such as changing tires, oil and brake fluid.
The perfect size to fit in the glove
compartment, this easy-to-read primer is
for anyone, regardless of gender, looking
to cut down on repair bills or feel more at
ease when dealing with mechanics."
Bicycle Repair:
Step By Step

Van der Plas, Rob
629.287 VAN
  "Easy-to-follow instructions and clear
color photos explain all major parts
of modern mountain and road bikes."
  "With the complete directions supplied by
popular electronics author John Iovine, you
can: Build your first walking, talking, sensing,
thinking robot; Create 12 working robotic
projects, using the fully illustrated
instructions provided; Get the best available
introduction to robotics, motion control,
sensors, and neural intelligence; Put to-
gether basic modules to build sophisticated
‘bots of your own design; Construct a
robotic arm that responds to your spoken
commands; Build a realistic, functional
robotic hand; Apply sensors to detect
bumps, walls, inclines, and roads; Give
your robot expertise and neural
intelligence. You get everything you need
to create 12 exciting robotic projects
using off-the-shelf products and workshop-
built devices, including a complete parts list.
Also ideal for anyone interested in electronic
and motion control, this cult classic gives
you the building blocks you need to go
practically anywhere in robotics."
  "Sussman and Glakas-Tenet, both wives
of CIA employees who were never around
to help with household problems, show
women how to perform a number of the
most common repairs, including
unclogging drains and toilets, replacing
electrical switches and outlets, leveling
appliances, lighting pilot lights, unsticking
windows, and installing a door peephole.
The authors assume that the reader is a
complete newcomer to home repair, so
everything is explained in detail (down to
what tools to use), but the tone is never
condescending. The very readabable text
is supplemented by black-and-white
drawings. "
The Daring Book for

Buchanan, Andrea J.
646.70083 BUC
  "The Daring Book for Girls is the manual for
everything that girls need to know-and that
doesn't mean sewing buttonholes! Whether
it's female heroes in history, secret note-
passing skills, science projects, friendship
bracelets, double dutch, cats cradle, the
perfect cartwheel or the eternal mystery of
what boys are thinking, this book has it all.
But it's not just a guide to giggling at
sleepovers - although that's included, of
course! Whether readers consider
themselves tomboys, girly-girls, or a little
bit of both, this book is every girl's
invitation to adventure."
  "...the comprehensive resource for hands-
on practical pursuits and matters of
everyday life, from personal finance and
legal issues to home maintenance and
gardening ... With its clear structure and
thorough indexing, The New York Times
Practical Guide To Practically Everything
makes it easy to find information on any
topic, while also inviting the reader to
browse through the pages, which are
chock-full of handy advice, tips, and little
known facts. The text is accompanied by
over a thousand illustrations, diagrams,
maps, and charts from the pages of The
New York Times."
Clock repairing
as a hobby

Kelly, Harold Caleb
681.1 KEL
  "It covers the theory behind clock
movement and design, including the
particulars of escapements, pendulums,
balance wheels, and even the sheet
music for popular chimes. The American
striking clock, the 400-day clock, and the
alarm clock receive special attention.
The in-depth information, including
explanations of clock repairing
terminology and details on the tools,
materials, and supplies that are needed
for success, will benefit even skilled
The Furniture Doctor
Grotz, George
684.1 GRO
  "The best-selling guide to keeping
furniture in the finest and most beautiful
condition, with complete information on
proper repair and refinishing techniques
from the legendary expert on antiques
and their restoration. B&W photographs
Care & Repair of
Antiques &

Miller, Judith
745.1028 MIL
  " can be difficult to assess what you
should and should not do to get the highest
possible return on your collectible ... Miller's,
the antiques authority, provides invaluable
guidance, with this heavily illustrated guide
filled with step-by-step sequences and
artwork. It clearly explains what an amateur
can safely undertake...and when to call in
the professionals. Each section, from
furniture to ceramics to musical boxes,
explains the materials and their common
problems, together with causes and
prevention. There's advice on siting, display,
care, cleaning, handling, and transportation.
You'll find categories that similar books often
ignore, so whether you're into arms and
armor or teddy bears, Miller's has you

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